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Tools to verify radiation hardened designs in VHDL

During my bachelor thesis tools were needed to verify the behaviour of radiation hardened hardware descriptions. For that two tools were programmed: The first tool simulates the behaviour of the description as a behavioural simulation in Modelsim and induces Single … Weiterlesen

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Python to display data from .csv file

This code snippet is a simple example how to read .csv files and visualize them. In our example we have a pie.csv file with the following content: Pie chart A;B;C;D 35;25;30;10 The codesnipped reads with the readline() method one line … Weiterlesen

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Using Python to design FIR filter

  Scientific calculation in python is easy and effective. With matplotlib and numpy, we have some powerful tools to visualize and calculate. In this example python and pylab (which includes matplotlib and numpy) is used to calculate coefficients for a … Weiterlesen

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