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Notes on working with LPCXpresso and LPCOpen on a 64 bit Ubuntu

Whats the problem? The Problem is that LPCXpresso uses an underlying 32 bit Eclipse and that you have to install 32 bit support on a 64 bit Ubuntu to get it working. After some research I found a solution in … Weiterlesen

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LPCOpen LPC13xx Systick Timer and GPIO

In an article set I want to describe and show some code snippets for the lpc13xx in our case the lpc1313. I work with lpcxpresso and the lpcopen code base. A getting started with lpcopen can be found here. The … Weiterlesen

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Tools to verify radiation hardened designs in VHDL

During my bachelor thesis tools were needed to verify the behaviour of radiation hardened hardware descriptions. For that two tools were programmed: The first tool simulates the behaviour of the description as a behavioural simulation in Modelsim and induces Single … Weiterlesen

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Python to display data from .csv file

This code snippet is a simple example how to read .csv files and visualize them. In our example we have a pie.csv file with the following content: Pie chart A;B;C;D 35;25;30;10 The codesnipped reads with the readline() method one line … Weiterlesen

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MISC Processor

Status: in process Introducton A minimal instruction set computer is a cpu with only a few instructions and opcodes. The idea is to develop a simple processor written in VHDL and implement it on the Digilent Atlys Board. The design … Weiterlesen

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